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One Big Discovery

When the Indiana Cavern’s portion of Binkley Cave system was discovered in 2010, massive amounts of bones were seen: birds, snake, microfauna, and larger species. The name “Big Bone Mountain” was coined immediately. The 5 hour crawl through water to glimpse them kept them shrouded in mystery for almost 2 years.

With the creation of a new entrance in 2012, the first paleontologist visited. He immediately realized our bones were extraordinary and of significant importance. They were identified immediately as belonging to the Pleistocene (Ice Age) period – dating back 12,000 to 50,000 years ago.

Though official scientific research has not begun shedding light, a story is unfolding regarding the Ice Age bones within Indiana Caverns. Years of excavation are sure to follow. Even older species may lay just beneath the surface.