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My Dad taught me what passion is at a young age. I’ve always told anyone I get into a conversation with concerning my Father that I’m jealous of him. Don’t worry— jealous in a good way. My Dad loves caves. When I say love, I mean Romeo and Juliet equals Gary and caving. I mean walking out of a hole in the ground grinning from ear to ear, completely engulfed in brown sludge.

Gary Roberson is the one person I know that fortunately found his passion early in life. It’s just as strong today as he is nearing developmental completion of his third show cave, as when he discovered his fervor for caving at age 11. Growing up watching my Father be intensely dedicated to his passion of caves and entrepreneurship always inspired me to find something I love to do that much.

Of course I went through my bouts of believing I wanted to be a chef or an archaeologist just like everyone else does in their adolescence, but as I creep nearer and nearer to the big 3-0, I don’t seem to be getting any closer to finding my own Romeo, so to speak. I am so proud of my Dad for accomplishing his goal of developing Binkley’s Cave that I don’t think words can do my heart justice. I will continue to make every effort to find my purpose and passion in life, so someday when I have children of my own, I can strive to inspire them half as much as my Dad has inspired me.

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Open Daily:   9am

Tours leave frequently throughout the day. You must arrive before or by 4 pm EDT to be guaranteed a spot on the last tour of the day. The cave temperature is 56 degrees all year. Weather is never a problem.

Closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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Indiana Caverns is just outside of Corydon, the first state capital of Indiana. Directly off I-64 at exit 105.

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