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close up of peccary face

Flat Headed Peccary

The most common peccary species found in Indiana Caverns is the flat-headed peccary. This is one of three peccary species found in Indiana during the Ice Age. They were a social or herd species and known to rear their young near caves and bluff settings. They are a distant relative to the pig of today. At least 13 peccary skulls have been found on the cave surface, along with thousands of other peccary bones. Indiana Caverns is one of two locations in the world where ancient peccary tracks are found within a cave.

Skull at Indy Children's Museum
close up of black bear face

Pleistocene Black Bear

Unlike other animals that entered the cave, bears were able to come and go using the now sediment filled Pleistocene entrance above Peccary Plunge. They most likely used the cave for sleeping as several bear wallows may be seen along a small stream in “Sleeping Bear Boulevard”.

Pleistocene Bears
National Geographic - Black Bears
close up of bison face

Pleistocene Bison

Near the base of Big Bone Mountain, lies a nearly complete skeleton of a sub adult Pleistocene Bison, possibly Bison Antiquus. If confirmed as Bison antiquus, it will be the first Pleistocene bison found in an Indiana Cave.

National Geographic
beaver swimming through water


The beaver remains are assumed to be the same species of beaver that exists in Indiana today; however, there was a giant beaver that existed during the last ice age. Further research is required to know more.

National Geographic


The fisher is a medium-sized forest-dwelling mammal native to North America. They are now found only in the far north where the climate is colder.

Fisher on Wikipedia
We attended over Spring Break as part of the Indiana Cave Trail. Amanda was by far the best guide we had on all our tours. She was personable, knowledgeable and passionate about the cave and it's preservation. Preservation is very important to us. Their formations are not as massive as in other caves but it is a beautiful pristine cave. It features a short boat ride. We were able to see Cave life. What I really enjoyed that other caves did not have was the fossils and animal bones. I think a must see. We will return for a deep down tour.

Michellelcsw French Lick, IN

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